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i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy 2.2

i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy 2.2

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Thanks for the comments last time, everyone. :)

Who the heck is that? Well, you'll have to find out later. :D

When we last left off, Abby had just given birth to her SECOND pair of twins. Agh! A boy and a girl again. I named them Audrey and Sam, and I remember taking photos of them, but at this point I can't tell any of the baby photos apart, so it'll have to wait.

After a few days of insanity, Simon grows up.

He's pretty cute, and looks like his siblings. I gave him huge nerdy glasses later to tell him apart from the other boys.

Shortly after, the new twins become toddlers.

Here's Audrey Horn Ray. She's pretty cute too.

Sloppy 2
Shy 3
Active 5
Playful 9
Nice 7

Total 26

And here's her twin, Sam Ray:

Actually, that's Simon, but they look pretty much identical. xD Personality-wise, Sam is a bit of a fluke in this family:

Neat 6
Shy 3
Active 9
Serious 4
Nice 8

Total 30

He's the only one of the kids thus far to be neat and serious. The neatness is quite nice, but I've already grown so attached to the older twins that he probably won't be heir. Sorry, Sam.

As always, both parents are ready to give them the love and attention they both need.

Er. Put the bottle down, Terrance!!


Meanwhile, the kids are doing well in school...

...and Abby is still passing out in her dinner.

However, I knew that there would be one day where all the spawn would be kids at the same time. Eventually, that day came.

The toddlers grew up with little ceremony.

Here's Audrey:

And here they both are.

I've really neglected poor Sam in my photos. :| Sorry.

One day later, the older twins grow up into teenagers! I was quite excited, and they didn't let me down:

Here's Susan. (Technically Susanna, but she seems like a Susan to me.)

Why can't I ever get a clear picture of this girl? Gahhh.

Anyway, she rolls Knowledge (yessss), with a lifetime want to be Chief of Staff. She maxxed out logic as a kid, so this shouldn't be too hard. :D

Then comes Nick:

He rolls Popularity (eh), and aspires to become a Major General, or whatever the top of the military career is. And, as expected, he's pretty hot.

He definitely looks a lot like his dad:

They go back to skilling like mad. However, they're not the only ones.

Simon maxxes out his creativity, and soon becomes the first child in my game to sell a masterpiece.

He seems to be making more money than his mother, who's too busy having babies to get enough skills to get promoted beyond Junior Officer. Terrance, meanwhile, has never even been promoted - he's still an MVP.

Audrey joins her older sister as a chess master.

Simon decides to use his new fame as an artistic genius to pick up chicks.

"So, uhm, how do you fancy mothering my children some day?"

Well, that's not a no...

Every weeknight, the kids engage in a family bonding exercise: doing homework outside on the sidewalk.

Since things are going so well...

Wait, did they-?

...yes, they did. Nick, like all the kids, has begun to link pregnancy to falling face-first into chili.

Thankfully, it can't be twins this time, because the house already has 7 people.

Susan randomly congratulates Nick on his... baby? I don't know.

Soon, it's time for Sam to join his older siblings in teen-hood.


He rolls romance, with a lifetime want to be a Professional Party Guest. I think I'll have fun playing him, but this puts him out of the running for heir, as I dislike having romance sims as heirs.

Audrey and Sam are still young, and I'm impatient. So this leaves Susan and Nick.

Ack, I love them both. :( This will be hard to decide. I like Susan's aspiration more, and she is skill-acious (she got four skill-based scholarships for college), but Nick is pretty studly.

What to do?

It looks like it's UNI TIME!

In the next update, generation two gets its final member, generation one gets old, and the heir is chosen.

I'm really divided at this point, so it'd be nice to hear who you think should be heir. :D
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