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i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy - Generation 2.1

i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy - Generation 2.1

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It's a girl!

And a boy!

Yep, twins. The second generation is starting off with a bang. At least this will make Abby's want of six married kids go faster.

While Abby and Terrance get started on kid #3, I'll introduce Susanna and Nick. Susanna has her mother's skin, Nick has his father's, and they both have mom's eyes and dad's hair.

The shack gets a quick extension to fit in two new bedrooms, because I hate it when crying babies wake each other up.

Abby has a military career, because it was the highest-paying job I could find her on the first day.

Yes, we know you're home. What do I have to do to make you stop singing every day?

Ahh, there we go.

Terrance brought this guy home from work. At first I just had a laugh at his nose, but then things got a bit weirder.

First he picked Nick up and wandered around the house with him.

Abby says, "Don't worry, baby Nick! I won't let the creepy man run off with you!"

D: Creepy. His nose looks like a pink slug. Now Terrance brings him home from work all the time, and I hate him. I think I might just kill him off.

Abby loves that fresh-popped baby stomach feeling.

Magical twin baby powers...


Nick accidentally grows up first, while Susanna just collides with her mother's plumbob. But they turn out so cute that I don't really mind at all.

Susanna Ray
Sloppy 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 7
Grouchy 4

Total 31

Sloppy 2
Shy 3
Active 9
Playful 7
Nice 9

Total 30

The sloppiness on both of them is rather annoying, but I'll manage.

Terrance reveals his inner family sim quickly.

AWWW. They look so much alike, although I think Nick has Abby's nose.

AWWW again.

Abby, however, is busy elsewhere...

Here comes #3!

It's a boy, Simon Ray. He looks like a male version of Susanna.

All the babies give Abby a sore back, but she's only halfway there...

Immediately, Abby skips work to get working on #4, leaving the nanny to grumble and leave smelly bottles all over the floor.

BARF. I think she's only gone to work two or three days so far.

Terrance sets the stove on fire, waking up two toddlers and a baby, who all cry for the next few sim hours. Rrgh.

Soon enough, Abby pops again.

But before #4 appears, it's birthday time for all the kids!

Simon goes first, because the twins are asleep.

Aww, he's cute too. And neat.

Simon Ray
Neat 6
Shy 3
Active 7
Playful 6
Nice 7

Total 29

The twins go next.

Susanna. Agh, I have no good photos of her as a child. DIE, GRAPHICS CARD, DIE.

And Nick. AWWW. He's such a cute kid, and I think he's going to be really handsome when he's older. Right now, he's my top pick for heir, but there are still three contenders who have yet to be born, so we'll see.


She is really pretty, actually. I may marry her in later.

Hahaha. You guys can't dance.

Susanna thinks she is a rock star.

The house gets some modifications to make way for the new arrival. The kitchen gets bumped out a bit, and the twins get their own room and bathroom upstairs. Now Simon doesn't have to sleep in the hallway, and #4 won't have to either.

Synchronized waking up.

This pregnancy is the hardest yet on Abby, so she gets regular boosts from the Energizer.

Sometimes, however, even that isn't enough.

Don't worry, Abby! The floor isn't THAT hard!


Somehow, the family makes it through the next few days without anyone dying, and soon...


As Abby gives birth, a single thought crosses my mind: "Please don't be twins again."

...Aww, crap.

NEXT UPDATE: #4 and #5 get names, the kids get older, and the (hopefully) last member of generation 2 is born!
  • Ouch, two pairs of twins! :P You deserve congratulations for taking on the challenge of having 6 kids (let alone marrying them off!) at the very beginning of your legacy.. Good luck!
    • I now realize I am totally doomed, but at least I'll have a good choice of heirs. xD
  • Haha, large families are the way to go. I remember, way back when, my founder rolled up the ten kids want, and I was like, "YOU'RE ON, BUDDY." Lordy though, in one single generation, you've almost exceeded the number of sets of twins I've had (without... ahem... intervention) in my entire game. For some reason, I am strangely attached to Susanna. It's a cute name, of course. ^_^ But then, so are Nick and Simon. Go you with naming the kids.
    • Oh, man. TEN KIDS? I'd go insane!

      I hardly ever get twins normally, actually. I think I've only had two other natural pairs before this family. I had several others thanks to InSim, of course. xD
  • Oh god that mans nose does look like a pink slug D=
    And BAM! Two sets of twins. XD Good luuuckkk~
  • (no subject) -
  • Do you have OFB? I'm on my 6th generation in my legacy and I've never had twins ( I do not have OFB ). I've heard having twins is easy in OFB.

    Very funny legacy, by the way. :) I <33 Nick.
    • I had OFB, but I lost my disc and had to uninstall it >_<. I think you can have twins by letting pregnant sims eat cheesecake, but other than that, I don't think it's any easier.
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