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i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy 3.1

i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy 3.1

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I'm really tired so this may get a bit incoherant, but if I don't get this update out now I won't for a while.

When we last left off, Nick was wooing Ada Sharp.

She soon fell for his delicious brains wiles and charms.

And Nick finally gets his first kiss, because I didn't let him get any in college.

If you guys get hair in the pork chops, Abby will be so pissed.

Maia quietly grows into a child. She's cute, but blurry.

Ada moves in and gets a quick makeover - she's a family sim with a lifetime want to be Captain Hero, but she's high up in the politics career so she'll stay there until I get the career reward. She and Nick celebrate by making out on the couch.


I want babies, so Nick proposes.

They have a quiet ceremony in the kitchen.

And then... well... you figure it out. Hint: that's a bed.

Maia: Mom, will I have to get married too?
Abby: Yes, you will. You will all get married and be happy! ALL SIX OF YOU!
Maia: ...but two of my brothers are romance sims.

Hey, Ada's falling asleep in her food! Could it be-

Wahey! Here comes generation three (Turlough doesn't count)!


Ada spends most of her pregnancy painting.

However, the time has come for generation one to get old.

Abby goes first. Up until the transition, she had a want to have another baby. Now she wants grandkids.

Terrance follows a day later. He looks pretty sharp too, and very wise.

But, speaking of grandchildren...

Will I get MORE twins?

No, just one this time - a girl. I was hoping to mix the blonde genes in, but instead I get Abby's brown hair. Finally...

At this point, I do something impossibly evil.

I name the child Manta Ray.

Nick: *facepalm*

Nick earns me my first career reward (yeah, only just now...).

He gets promoted rapidly.

After he got promoted to Commander he stopped at the mailbox and started moving, and I thought he might be doing some weird dance, but then I realized he was just farting. Jeez, Nick. Real smooth.

General Buzz is not impressed.

Soon he is promoted to astronuat, and gets to wear a totally sweet outfit. Yay, space!

But now it's birthday time for Manta!

Die, graphics card, die. But Manta's a cute little girl. Her personality is nice too, except for the sloppy curse. Gah.

Sloppy 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9 <---- WHY DO ALL MY SIMS HAVE THIS SAME STAT? WTF. I'm not really complaining, because I like active sims, but it's very weird.
Playful 7
Nice 6


And I leave you with this charming conversation at the dinner table:

Nick: So, sweetie, reckon we should bring out the handcuffs again tonight?
Terrance: OMGWTF.
Abby: I did NOT need to hear that.
Maia: Are you a police officer, Nick? Is she a robber? Is she?
Ada: Can we talk about this later?
Terrance: OMGWTF.

Will Manta be the heir?
Or will a new arrival take her place?
Will Abby ever marry all her kids off?

Find out in a - wait, Terrance, why are you so sad?

Terrance: Because nothing will happen for another six weeks.

Yeah, pretty much. Sorry.

I'm moving overseas, and most of our stuff is being shipped over the Atlantic ocean, including the computer with the Sims on it. So until then, the Fisher legacy is on hold, and I have to go without my Sims fix for a few weeks. Augh.

However, your comments are still appreciated, and I'll be keeping up with everyone else's legacies from my laptop!
  • Good luck with the move!! And I hope your stuff doesn't get stuck in customs like my best friend did... she didn't get her stuff back for a YEAR!!!!
    • Aughhh, that'd be horrible. O_O I'm going to be so paranoid now.
  • Hope everything goes well with the move.

    I'm in the middle of an 11 week-long stretch without my Sims. They're stored on DVD-Rs in my house back in the States, waiting to be transferred onto a new computer...it's been tough XD.
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