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i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy 2.3

i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy 2.3

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And the heir for generation two is Nick. I love Susan dearly, but Nick is too pretty to pass up.

But before we can get him breeding, he, Susan and Simon have to get through college first.


But we get to see them grow into young adults, as shown by my crappy graphics card!




Nick majors in Political Science, Susan in Physics, and Simon in Art. Once their grades are under control, I start scouting for spouses.

Susan is lucky.

This is Joshua Dennis. He moves into the same dorm as them, so Susan immediately goes in for the kill.

After freshman year, the Rays rent a house with a hot tub, which helps.

Her brothers are resigned to creeping around in the same pajamas looking silly.

I hired the matchmaker to find a good match for Nick, but...

She was the only one who ever came. :\

Meanwhile, I noticed that Susan was eating a lot more.

Since she'd only Woohoo'd with Joshua once, I thought maybe I was being paranoid, but...

Aww, hell. Damn you, InSim! D: Susan is indeed knocked up. She woohoo'd once in the hot tub, and... gah. I could abort it, but I want to see generation three, so I just decide to rush them all through college so I don't get babies stuck in the dorms or whatever.

Please don't be twins, please don't be twins...

Finally, everyone graduates, although they're more excited about the student grants than the diploma.

But before they can go home, it's time to see what's happened back at the ranch...

It's lonely with only four people in the house, but soon the sixth member of generation two will arrive...

And here it comes!

It's a girl, Maia Ray. She has the same genetics as everyone else in this house: black hair and gray eyes. The eyes are custom, so I'd expect them to be passed down, but I'm going to have trouble with all this black hair later on...

Audrey brought this kid home from school. I know he'd be hideous as an adult, but isn't he cute now?

A few days later, the (second) twins grow into teens.

Audrey rolls pleasure, with a lifetime want to have 50 Dream Dates. Not gonna happen.

Sam rolls romance, and wants to woohoo 20 different sims.

I ship them off to college, and Maia grows up too.

She's a cute toddler too.

Maia Ray
Sloppy 2
Shy 3
Active 9
Playful 7
Nice 9

Total 30

A carbon copy of Nick's. I forgot to do the random roll thing in CAS. :\

Terrance, being a dutiful dad, begins potty-training his sixth child.

Back in college...

Audrey has a very thin nose.

Sam is pretty handsome, but I've already picked the heir. Still, he may be spreading his genes around the neighborhood, especially with that lifetime want.

Now that the next batch of people to bore me in college have arrived, it's time for the others to go.

Simon moves to a lot down the road, where I will get him married later.

Susan moves in across the street.

Joshua moves in too, and promptly gets a makeover. He's a family sim who wants to send 3 kids to college. Maybe. This neighborhood will soon be overrun with Fishers at this rate.

He proposes, and they have a quiet ceremony in the living room.


A few hours later, the third generation begins...

It's a boy, who is comically named Turlough Dennis. He has his mother's complexion.

Both parents are very excited, and Joshua can't wait to have more of them. Hold your horses, Josh.

And what on earth is Susan wearing?? Ergh!

Terrance stops by to meet his grandchild.

But let's follow him home to the main legacy house!

Nick gets a job as a Junior Officer, and begins rocketing up through the ranks. However, he spends most of his time talking to a certain lady...

Ada Sharp, a downtownie who happened to be friends with Joshua. She's pretty, and I like her name, so I think she's good enough for Nick.

And as Nick potty-trains his little sister, he wonders if he might have a kid of his own soon to make faces at...

Will Nick marry Ada?
Will the next heir be born?
Will all the kids ever get married?
Will Strangetown be overpopulated with Fishers?
The world may never know... until the next update!
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