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i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy - Generation 1.1

i_sims: Aquite's sim stories

The Fisher Legacy - Generation 1.1

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This is Abby Fisher, a Family sim settling down in Strangetown with dreams of founding a great legacy.

Neat 6
Shy 3
Active 5
Serious 4
Nice 7

Abby buys a 4x3 lot on the outskirts of town, but "mysteriously" loses all but $4800 so I can play by the rules without my computer lagging. She can't really afford walls yet, but this will have to do for now.

Hey, Abby? What's your lifetime aspiration?

"Marry off six kids!"

...oh dear. Well, you'd better get breeding, then.

I send Abby off on a pub crawl Downtown to find prospective husbands. When she returns, she passes out next to her bed. However, the search wasn't entirely fruitless, because...

Ding ding ding! Meet Terrance Ray. They have double chemistry, and he's good-looking, so Abby gets wooing.

At first, she's not entirely successful. But soon, Terrance falls for her charms.

His kisses are rather creepy.

But before Abby throws herself at him, let's ask the all-important question.

Terrance, you're joining the family. And he's an MVP, which sounds pretty high up in the athletic career.

Terrance moves in and gets a makeover that matches his logic-sim self better. He brings about $16,000 and a gigantic potted palm, which I sell so I can build a real house.

Aren't he and Abby a cute couple? I have high hopes for their offspring.


Here's the shack. I saved a lot of the money for later renovations, because...

Here comes generation two, accompanied by ugly maternity pajamas!

Terrance is a bit of a dork, but I love him anyway.

"I can hear the baby, and it's saying... 'Get married!'"

And so Abby Fisher becomes Abby Ray.

As soon as Abby gets a new hair-do:

Here comes generation two! What will it be? Boy? Girl? ...both?

All will be revealed in the next update!
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